SJNA October 9th Board Elections Results Reported

Neighbors, please review the following statement and documents regarding the St. Johns Neighborhood Association’s Oct. 9 board elections, including ballots, sign-in sheets and vote tallies. We are sharing them after Star Stauffer, a longtime neighbor and candidate who wasn’t elected to the board, requested ballots and other materials in the wake of the vote. Her verbal request after the election was followed by a written request sent Oct. 19. We’d like to thank our partners in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for agreeing to facilitate access to the original documents she’s requested and for helping us share these copies so widely.


Hi, Star.

Denis Theriault here, co-chair of SJNA. Please review the following links and attached document where you can review documents responsive to your request concerning the Oct. 9 board elections.

Here is your request, as written on Oct. 19 (following your verbal request Oct. 9):

  1. The attendance sign up sheets from August 2017, September 2017 and October 2017 for the SJNA meetings.
  2. The nomination list that was passed around during the September 2017 SJNA meeting (I signed up as did Mimi German as Nominees on said list)
  3. The Ballots from the October 2017 SJNA election (originals please)
  4. Any minutes or notes available from the meeting that occurred between Scott Bricker, any SJNA Board Members and ONI in the weeks prior to the election in October 2017
  5. Any written witness statements regarding the handling, counting and officiating of the SJNA October 2017 election process

Here is our response to each of those line items:

  1. Sign-in sheets:!Aih35BmS3Qisg6B-KeMOGDH_D61NSg (Disclaimer: Email addresses obtained as part of this public records request may not be used for any other purpose without the express permission of each account’s owner.)
  2. Nomination sign-in sheet (attached)
  3. A. Ballots:!Aih35BmS3Qisg6ByohVhE_zF3OO6jQ
    B. Vote tallies:!Aih35BmS3Qisg6B0KUVqJi5I2G9oRg
  4. Provisional minutes from the September 11 general and board meetings, the only meeting prior to the October general meeting where board elections were discussed (attached)
  5. There are no responsive documents; SJNA did not collect or create, nor does it possess or control, any written witness statements.

SJNA is committed to transparency. We are also posting these links and documents publicly at, on SJNA’s Facebook page, and on related neighborhood FB pages.

The documents confirm SJNA’s official count that found you had finished 17th out of 18 candidates, and that you were one of three candidates who weren’t able to join our newly expanded 15-member board. That said, even though you weren’t able to win election to the board this year, we look forward to working with you on the issues and advocacy work you’re passionate about.

If you’d like to review original copies of the ballots, vote tallies and/or sign-in sheets, please contact Tom Griffin-Valade of North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS), a part of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. His office number is 503.823.4513. NPNS, as the designated support organization that oversees SJNA, has agreed to serve as the sole point of contact for facilitating access to the requested materials.

Thank you for your grace, understanding and patience while we worked with our partners at ONI to fulfill this request, in accordance and in full compliance with ONI’s standards (

If you have other concerns after you review the material, you are also free to pursue the city’s grievance process. Information about the grievance process is contained here:

Denis Theriault
SJNA co-chair

3 Responses to SJNA October 9th Board Elections Results Reported

  1. Tabitha vonKuhlmann October 26, 2017 at 10:20 pm #

    It appears to me to be quite clear that Star Stauffer did not win a seat on the SJNA board. I hope that this puts an end to any and all suggestions of improper behavior.

  2. Kelly Tadlock December 19, 2017 at 10:19 pm #

    It appears that there has been some problem with SJNA following the rules set in their Bylaws of making ballots available to anyone who wanted to view them. Both Star Stauffer and Michael Porchine requested to view ballots the night of elections but were both denied that right. Instead after many requests they were made available 3 and half weeks later. When i viewed the ballots mine was not there. I can only conclude that there was improper behavior.

  3. Kelly Tadlock March 24, 2018 at 8:19 pm #

    Star Stauffer and I have reached out to Resolutions Northwest at the suggestion of Suk Rhee ONI Director.

    Sheila at Resolutions Northwest has emailed Denis Theriealt, Kyle Janus, and Ben Macgregor in regards to Mediation.

    We have had no response from anyone at SJNA. So I am assuming then you have no wish to mediate with us regarding the lost ballots, unneighborly handling of the election and improper behavior.

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