Special SJNA Board Meeting Monday 10/30 at 7PM – Central Lofts Appeal Consideration


On Sept 11th of this year a letter of concern regarding the architectural design of the proposed Central Lofts (which will be built where the Central Hotel now stands) was penned and sent by a stakeholder group made up of the St Johns Neighborhood Association, the Boosters, the St Johns Center for Opportunity, and a group of concerned citizen architects. This letter became part of the public comment.

The development team made significant changes to respond to the concerns of all those who commented – most of these centered around the interface and impact to the public realm.

The City has since approved the design, with the new modifications. The SJNA Board is going to hold a meeting to discuss this decision, whether it satisfied and rectified the concerns sufficiently and further steps. This meeting is open to the public for observation but not for participation or comment.

Monday, October 30th, 7pm, St Johns Center for Opportunity 


REVISED: Click here to view the decision documents from the City of Portland’s design office


2 Responses to Special SJNA Board Meeting Monday 10/30 at 7PM – Central Lofts Appeal Consideration

  1. Shelby November 8, 2017 at 9:17 pm #

    This is the third Type II appeal in recent months and will be the third to fail, only delaying a thoughtful, sustainable project that utilizes a key space that the preceding dive bars have not. If the SJNA is concerned about the development in our neighborhood, it should turn its attention to the FULL BLOCK of WDC apartment buildings that are all designed to look the same – like cheaply constructed blue-and-white projects.

  2. Eve March 17, 2018 at 11:03 pm #

    Resisting change is futile. I find it interesting that now all of a sudden anyone cares. No one cared the 10 years I lived in St Johns when you could not walk the town at night by yourself. No one cared when you had to pass through walls of cigarette smoke in your face from the bars as you walked past them to get to the few stores that were here. No one cared when the meth heads were accosting people at the town center using the common way as a hang out to make drug deals. No one cared when the streets were full of garbage. So now you care when someone wants to build something fancy and new. Now you backlog development and deter more potential new development. I hope there are at-least some young people on your panels because it is their future. They are moving forward as you try to hang on to the past with a ball and chain.

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