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Upcoming SJNA Board Planning Meeting

Next Monday, the St. Johns Neighborhood Association Board will meet for its annual summer planning session. This is a bi-annual planning meeting for the board to look back on our effectiveness and impact in 2018 thus far, realign on the core issues impacting St. Johns, and create engagement strategies for the upcoming 2018 elections (see below).

The board planning meeting will occur July 22, from 3PM to 6PM, at Dub’s St. Johns. As is with all board meetings, this is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend and observe.


A brief sidenote on upcoming elections: if you love St. Johns, believe in a livable, equitable, and thriving St. Johns community for all, and want to be apart of making that happen, then you should consider running in October!


Safety and Livability Team sets out 2016 focus areas!

SALT 2016 Focus Areas

  1. Pedestrian safety:

Every person should have safe, comfortable and convenient access to the basic goods, services, and pleasures that the St. Johns neighborhood and business districts offers. Currently, our community lacks this right. Walking in St. Johns can be dangerous and intimidating. Two reasonable solutions that we believe would make immediate impacts are:

  1. Installing crosswalks widely through the neighborhood
  2. Drastically reducing traffic speeds
  1. Trucks and air pollution:

The St. Johns neighborhood is plagued with pass through dirty and dangerous semi-truck traffic. The Portland of Portland reports that 94% of semi-trucks going through our neighborhood simply pass through to I-5, not going to the Terminals, using our neighborhood as a short cut. This must change. We believe that critical solutions include:

  1. Slowing speeds and improving roadways to ensure basic neighborhood safety
  2. Supporting improvements in emissions laws and improving government agency hiring practices to ensure trucks meet modern diesel emission standards
  3. Seriously evaluating the potential of rerouting pass-through trucks out of the neighborhood altogether
  1. Portland Harbor Superfund:

Early 2016 is expected to be the critical window for a strong push to ensure an effective Superfund solution by the EPA. The St Johns Neighborhood Association has strong concerns about the contamination at these sites and will weigh in with strong support to clean these areas up.

  1. Keeping diversity in St. Johns:

St. Johns is a diverse neighborhood, especially in terms of being a place in the urban core that still has a wide range of both housing and commercial spaces, many with affordable rents occupied by a diversity of residents and businesses. The St. Johns neighborhood is also growing and going through a wonderful renaissance and revitalization. The St. Johns Neighborhood Association strongly supports measures to ensure that it remains diverse and affordable for all.


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