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PBOT Discusses Lombard Improvements at Next SALT Meeting – 10/3 at 7PM


Many of you have been following and/or involved with the improvements on St Louis and Fessenden. The community involvement has been integral and essential to getting what the community was promised – quite a success! It’s important to know, however, that the improvements in the plan extend beyond St Louis/Fessenden. As a result of moving all truck traffic onto Lombard (north of St Louis), there are improvements proposed to make it safer for residents who live on this highly impacted corridor. One of the most important are improvements to the “S” curve at N John Street.

Rich Newlands (PBOT) has agreed to come to talk to us at the St Johns SALT (Safety and Livability Team) and Land Use meeting Tuesday, Oct 3rd. 7pm. Center for Opportunity. Come with your experiences and ideas. Attached is a pdf that outlines what was proposed. The Lombard section (the “carrot”?) is towards the end. I’ll post a better diagram/map soon.

We hope to see you there.


Citizens Hold PBOT Accountable for Full St. Johns Truck Strategy – Phase II

Several pedestrian safety measures included in the St. Johns Truck Strategy – Phase II are not to be included when Portland’s Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) begins improvements on St. Louis / Fessenden and N Lombard next spring. At the August General Meeting, SJNA invited both Rich Newlands, PBOT Project Manger, and Donna Cohen, St. Johns resident and citizen activist, to provide respective updates.

According to PBOT, due to federal funding constraints, they cannot include 3 flashing pedestrian crossing signs (starred below) when spring construction begins on the $3.3 million dollar project. The signs, planned for N Seneca, N Charleston, and N Midway would dramatically improve safety when crossing at the sharp bend on St. Louis / Fessenden, as well as at another very active intersection.

After continued pressure from community advocates, PBOT and Commission Dan Saltzman have renewed their commitment to find the funding for the rest of project. However, the measures would only be installed months following the completion of the remaining Phase II improvements.

“We’ve heard this all before,” cautions 2 community members who worked with PBOT to negotiate Phase II of the St. Johns Truck Plan back in 2011. “During the 17 months of negotiations with PBOT, they never mentioned any funding constraints or other foreseen problems. Now, this.”

Phase II was approved in its entirety by the City of Portland back in 2013. It includes 8 projects designed to reduce truck traffic and improve bike and pedestrian safety along the route:

  • Reduced speed from 35 to 30, 25 if possible
  • Instal median islands at 7 intersections
  • Plant trees to promote designation as a neighborhood street
  • Install 2 flashing speed reader signs at either end of the large curve
  • Extend curbs to shorten pedestrian crossing distances
  • Install 2 Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB)*
  • Erect 1 overhead ‘HAWK’ signal*

We hope to have PBOT’s presentation available soon.

View a 19-page PDF file of Donna Cohen’s presentation for the August SJNA General Meeting, and follow on Facebook to get every update and contribute to community efforts.

Review the 58-page PDF file of the St. Johns Truck Strategy – Phase II.


Proposed Edits to the SJNA Bylaws

At the August General Meeting, the SJNA Board proposed several updates to the Neighborhood Association Bylaws. 

To revise SJNA bylaws, all revision proposals must be presented to the community at one public meeting, and then approved by General Member vote at the next month’s meeting.

An overview of the proposed revisions are below. 

    • Article 3, Section 2 – expanding voting attendance requirement to include one (1) of the last two (2) board meetings
    • Article 5, Section 4 – expanding the definition of a quorum to nine (9) non-Board members and four (4) member of the Executive Board, and a Board quorum as fifty (50) percent of the Executive Board
    • Article 6, Section 1 – expanding the Executive Board to 15 members, and creating official positions for the Outreach Chair and SALT Chair (Safety and Livability Team)
    • Article 6, Section 4 – requiring executive positions to be made by a majority board vote
    • Article 6, Section 6 – stating board positions may be replaced by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
    • Article 6, Section 7 – adjusting board committee participation requirements
    • Article 12 – adding housing status as a protected class, acceptable for General Membership

CLICK HERE to see the 9-page PDF file and review all proposed revisions.

If you have attended either the August or June General Meeting, you may vote on revision proposals at the September General Meeting, the second Monday of the month, starting at 7PM.



No SJNA General Meeting Today!

There is no scheduled St. Johns Neighborhood Association General Meeting for July.  The SJNA board wishes you a wonderful summer, as we recess for the month of July.

We will reconvene in August, 14th, at 7PM, at the St. Johns Community Center.

Thank you!



Portland Harbor is a 10-mile, 2,200-acre toxic site. In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) labeled it a Superfund site—a location contaminated by hazardous waste and identified on the national priority list for cleanup. The harbor, the Willamette River and its shores provide food for our families, jobs for our community, recreational opportunities, tribal and commercial fishing, and a rich source of culture and beauty. Now, more than 15 years later, the EPA has proposed to cleanup just 8% of a site that is 100% toxic.

Take a Minute to Submit Your Comments Here Before September 6th

For More Information



August 27th, 2016 | 8:30AM – 12PM

Meet at George Middle School
10000 N Burr Ave
Portland, OR 97203

BBQ for Volunteers Immediately Following the Event

RSVP Here:

AllOne will be collaborating with The Church in North Portland, PPS, Sitton PTSO, St Johns Main Street, and St Johns Neighborhood Association.

Everybody will meet at George Middle School at 8:30 AM, and then will split out to pre-assigned schools. We will reconvene at noon at George, and will have a barbecue! The teams will be doing work at PPS: James John, Sitton, and George.

We will need 400-500 volunteers for this project.

For more information visit the Facebook Event Page:



August 24th, 2016 | 6:30PM

Kenton Firehouse
8105 N Brandon Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Mike Boyer, North Portland’s newly appointed Crime Prevention Coordinator, North Portland Neighborhood Services, and the City of Portland Police Department are bringing back the monthly PSAC meetings. Meet newly appointed Commissioner George Burke, and learn about recent crime activity in our neighborhood.

About PSAC:
Representatives from the 11 neighborhood associations and interested residents meet monthly with the command staff of the North Police Precinct to become better informed about public safety issues and crime prevention. An important part of the commitment of Community Policing, PSAC also serves as a clearinghouse for public safety issues in the 11 neighborhoods.

Meet Mike Boyer:


6th Annual Patties Cruise In

6th Annual Patties Cruise In
August 20th, 2016 | 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

8501 N Lombard
Downtown St. Johns, Oregon

Registration fee – $20.00

FREE to the public

Car show
Live Music
Street Dance
Live Blue Collar Wrestling Demonstrations

For more information, call Kathy at 503-799-3605

Read more at:


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