Trees at Pier Park

St. Johns Parks

St. Johns sits across the river from one of the nation’s largest urban parks, Forest Park, and all of its many lush hiking and cycling trails. But you don’t have to cross the St. Johns Bridge to bask in some of Portland’s finest greenery.

Kelley Point Park, with its riverside swimming beaches at the very tip of the peninsula, is a short bike ride away.

Cathedral Park, below the bridge, offers history, fishing, boating, big fields and striking views. It also hosts several events, including the neighborhood’s annual Jazz Festival.

Pier Park offers playgrounds, picnic areas, an outdoor pool, disk golf, trails and shade. St. Johns Park, on N. Central, is home to our community center and a playground that sits steps from homes.

And that’s not including smaller neighborhood parks, from George Park to Open Meadows, where neighbors young and old can come together and enjoy a pleasant day.

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