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Proposed Edits to the SJNA Bylaws

At the August General Meeting, the SJNA Board proposed several updates to the Neighborhood Association Bylaws. 

To revise SJNA bylaws, all revision proposals must be presented to the community at one public meeting, and then approved by General Member vote at the next month’s meeting.

An overview of the proposed revisions are below. 

    • Article 3, Section 2 – expanding voting attendance requirement to include one (1) of the last two (2) board meetings
    • Article 5, Section 4 – expanding the definition of a quorum to nine (9) non-Board members and four (4) member of the Executive Board, and a Board quorum as fifty (50) percent of the Executive Board
    • Article 6, Section 1 – expanding the Executive Board to 15 members, and creating official positions for the Outreach Chair and SALT Chair (Safety and Livability Team)
    • Article 6, Section 4 – requiring executive positions to be made by a majority board vote
    • Article 6, Section 6 – stating board positions may be replaced by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
    • Article 6, Section 7 – adjusting board committee participation requirements
    • Article 12 – adding housing status as a protected class, acceptable for General Membership

CLICK HERE to see the 9-page PDF file and review all proposed revisions.

If you have attended either the August or June General Meeting, you may vote on revision proposals at the September General Meeting, the second Monday of the month, starting at 7PM.



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