New Land Use Document – PDX LU Notice.pdf

A new Land Use Notice was received. Check out PDX LU Notice.pdf

Land Use meets at 7PM on the first Tuesday of every month at St. Johns Center for Opportunity (8250 N Lombard). All are welcome to attend.

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  1. Kelly Tadlock July 20, 2018 at 12:38 pm #

    Thank you for the 5 identical invitations to your land use committee meeting I will not be attending since the SJNA is not conducted as a democratic process. Also because the “leaders” and “Volunteers” continue to sabotage attempts to improve Fessenden street improvements in favor of other pet projects like the bike lanes on Lombards S curve . There have been efforts to improve Fessenden street for pedestrian travel since the 1990’s. The only contribution I see from SJNA to these efforts are obstacles and delays. The current delay is to improve the S curve on Lombard what a coincidence then that PBOT has decided once again to delay street improvements on Fessenden in favor of the Lombard improvements that will also complete a section of bike lane travel . I am told that at least 3 people have to die before PBOT will act on requests for improvements in low income neighborhoods like Fessenden . That is tragic.

  2. Kelly Tadlock July 29, 2018 at 3:41 pm #

    My testimony to City Council on August 23rd 2017

    “Hello I am speaking to you today about the St. John’s Truck Strategy phase 2 plan happening in St Johns in 2018.
    I have lived near Fessenden Ave for the last 15 years
    It’s not if there will be a traffic fatality on this unsafe street its when .
    PBOt’s Vision Zero Anatomy of an Unsafe Street fits Fessenden : It is an unusually wide street. It is a collector street. Cars travel in excess of 35 mph. There are no marked or signalized crossings for over a mile in either direction. There is a long dangerous blind curve. Vision Zero says we should correct these unsafe streets by installing marked cross walks with signals
    The street. Bisects a densely populated neighborhood where over half of the St Johns community lives. The demographic is low income, elderly, disabled,children an POC.
    In order to get to Fessenden from my street without sidewalks ;Pedestrians have to travel directly in the street. Cars often travel at 35 mph to cut through to Columbia Blvd.
    In my case to get to Fessenden I have to roll directly in the street to an unmarked intersection and hope that cars going over 35 mph in either direction will see a person in a wheelchair and allow me to cross.
    Trucks Off Fessenden formed in 2008 . Our first success was getting the trucks off Fessenden. neighbors protested with signs in their yards and in the street with news media. PBOT then put up signs that instructed trucks to use the designated truck route . traffic enforcement division gave tickets to truckers using Fessenden. Then the truck traffic stopped.
    The community worked with PBOT for 17 months in 2013 to approve 3 pedestrian signals , marked crosswalks , and speed reader boards at the blind curve on Fessenden .This was the Original Approved PBOT plan for 2018
    However in June 2017 PBOT Met with St Johns Neighborhood Association to give an ” Update” the original plan had changed and Fessenden would be stripped of most of the original improvements. Instead an expensive new bike facility would be installed on Lombard. This area unlike Fessenden is not densely populated.
    This updated version of the original plan was done without notice, explanation or sufficient documentation. The community members who had worked with PBOT should have been informed of this “update” which should have triggered an. Amendment process to the original approved plan.
    community members met with commissioner Saltzman and Neighborhood associations wrote letters in support of The Original Plan. PBOT now says they will install our crosswalks after all. But not in 2018 sometime in the future after other projects are complete like the bike facility that adds a piece to the Greenway Bike Project.

    The time to make Fessenden a safe street is more urgent than installing a bike facility on Lombard That project should wait. We have been waiting long enough to have a safe street on Fessenden.”

    Later in 2017
    The victim in a fatal hit and run crash that occurred Sunday evening on North Fessenden Street has been identified as 24-year-old Daniel G. Ramsey.
    November 26,2017 Sunday Night

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